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Customize Your Coffee

Customize Your Coffee

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Looking for a bold way to promote your business brand?

Boost your brand with every sip! Elevate your business or event with our customizable coffee featuring logos, themes, messages, QR codes, and more.

Choose from six delicious flavors:

Broken Top Blend

Snuggle up with a warm cup of Broken Top, featuring rich tasting notes of hazelnut and caramel. Indulge in the delicious notes of chocolate-covered almonds, maple syrup, and citrus, sourced from the vibrant region of Central America. This brew provides a comforting flavor profile that is sure to satisfy you on any cold day.


Bitterroot Blend

If you love coffee with a strong personality and deep flavors then the Bitterroot Coffee Blend is made for you. This 12oz package features a Dark French roast, delivering a bittersweet and toasty flavor profile with a strong finish along with rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts. Sourced from South America, this blend is meant to be enjoyed by brewing in your drip coffee maker, French press, or percolator.

Indulge in the rich and robust flavors of Bitterroot. This bold, full-bodied coffee is the perfect brew for those who enjoy a more traditional cup.


Cascades Blend

This is a classic, flavorful medium-dark roast that still holds the complexity of the coffee. This medium-dark roast boasts flavors of cocoa and toasted nut, offering a full-bodied experience with each sip. Savor the fullness of this coffee and experience a taste that is truly unforgettable.


Trapper Peak Decaf Blend

Get all the flavor without the buzz! The perfect cup you didn't know existed for a decaf coffee. No caffeine buzz but all the amazing flavors you love from a cup of joe.

It boasts a mellow, smooth, and savory flavor profile, featuring subtle tasting notes of peanut and milk chocolate, with a mellow acidity that'll leave you craving another cup. Sourced from the sunny slopes of South America and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water process. Brew it up in your drip coffee maker, French press, or percolator.


Columbia Single Origin

A light-medium roast, giving you a mellow yet savory experience with a hint of sweetness and a crisp acidity. Dive into flavor notes of cooked honeydew and cocoa straight from the heart of South America. A great single origin that is mellow and simple without overpowering fruity notes. Whether you prefer pour-over or Aeropress, this blend will effortlessly become part of your daily routine.


Flathead Valley Coffee Blend

Savor the smooth and velvety texture of this bold brew, and experience the perfect balance of sweetness and depth.

This medium-dark roast, delivering a deep body with notes of baker's chocolate and caramelized sugar. Meanwhile, the body tastes rich with warm spice, caramel, and dark chocolate-tasting notes that'll leave you craving more.


Rock Creek Blend

A fan favorite, this coffee features tasting notes of toffee, dark chocolate, and citrus, this brew is sure to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. It boasts a medium roast, delivering a delightful fusion of toffee, dark chocolate, and citrus flavors. With tasting notes reminiscent of sweet orange, chocolate, and brown sugar.


High Lakes Blend

This roast is bursting with the flavors of dried fruit and citrus, giving it a bright and lively taste profile. Each cup comes with dried fruit and citrus flavors with hints of milk chocolate and almonds.

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